Next I present the dark grey one (aka The Shy One).  She seems to be a little more introverted than the others, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  She greets me with the other cats and likes to be petted although it’s still somewhat on her terms.  Fitting her personality, she has a mild purr.  One could even say she’s a bit of a momma’s girl (or being an introvert, she probably just likes adult conversations).

She loves warm laps and snuggling with other cats.  Her favorite plaything is a red shoelace.  She’s established herself as queen of the jungle gym I built them.  She also gets so excited about canned wet food that she often growls softly while eating (or maybe she’s just enjoying her food like Jason Bateman in The Switch).  For adoption purposes, I’d love to keep her with one of her siblings (preferably the light gray one).